Best Punching Bag in India for Home Workout

There are several reasons to include a punching bag in your home gym. They can offer an incredibly intense workout. Training with a punching bag is a fantastic way to burn off excess energy, and improve stamina and strength. A punching bag workout is both physically and mentally challenging, it can also improve your focus and help you de-stress simultaneously. Whether you want to practice boxing, martial arts, or just want to improve your fitness in a fun way, a punching bag is an important piece of training equipment. If you want to buy the best punching bag in India, keep reading to find the right one.

Best Punching Bag in India

1. Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag
  • Filled with shredded textile material
  • Protective, water-resistant synthetic leather
  • 4-strand rust-proof chain
  • Good for all fitness levels
  • Durable, double-stitched

If you’re looking for a punching bag for your home gym, this punching bag from Aurion is an ideal choice. It has a twin-layered and hand-stitched exterior ensuring long-lasting durability. The exterior is made from synthetic leather and has a water-proof finish. The interior of the bag has premium quality polyester that can withstand the wear and tear of hard punching. This punching bag is double stitched and filled with shredded textile material that is soft, shock-absorbing, and keeps your hands and wrists safe while you’re punching. This 4-feet punching bag also includes hand wraps and 4-strand rust-proof chains. Whether you’re a beginner or used punching bags at the gym and need one for your home gym, this is the best punching bag in India.

2. RMOUR Heavy PU Punch Bag

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This RMOUR punching bag is made of high-quality PU material that is lightweight and durable. It comes with different size variants so that you can choose the right size suitable for your workout requirements and available space. Having a shock-absorbing design, this bag can be used both indoor and outdoor. This bag can be used for boxing, kickboxing, practicing martial arts, and endurance training. It is an unfilled punching back so that you can customize it according to your preferences. The back contains a hanging chain along with the punching bag. It is a perfect option for those who want to add a customizable punching bag to their home gym.

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3. LEW 10 Piece Boxing Set

LEW 10 Piece Boxing Set
579 Reviews
LEW 10 Piece Boxing Set
  • 10 Pcs of equipment for a perfect home workout sessions
  • Stainless steel chain for hanging your punching bag
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Gloves and wraps included
  • Durable

If you’re looking to buy the best punching bag that includes all the components to practice in your home, this LEW punching box set ticks all the boxes. At an affordable price, it comes with all the basic equipment for boxing. Crafted from high-quality material, this punching bag is soft and durable. Along with a punching bag, the box contains focus pads, boxing gloves, hand wraps, a hanging chain, and skipping rope. This punching bag is made of Maya Hide Leather that is duly stitched and well-built. In terms of the included hand wraps and gloves, they protect your hands from injuries by the impact of repetitive punches. The focus pads are designed to absorb the impact during training sessions and are great for partner workouts. Overall, one of the best punching bags in India.

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4. Hard Bodies Professional Synthetic Leather Boxing Punching Bag

Hard Bodies Professional Synthetic Leather Boxing Punching Bag
  • Bag comes pre-filled
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Reinforced bottom with cross nylon strap
  • Well-stitched  to prevent leakage
  • Includes hanging chain and hand wraps

Hard Bodies is a prominent sports and fitness goods manufacturer and this punching bag comes filled. Weighing 19 kgs of weight, this punching bag is made of synthetic leather which is more durable than other materials and protects your hands from abrasion. This is a versatile punch bag that can be used for boxing, MMA, and for home gym workouts. This set includes a 3-feet filled punching bag, a pair of boxing hand wraps, boxing key chain, and a durable hanging chain. Made of stainless steel, the hanging chain has 360° rotation so there will be no knotting while hitting. Speaking of the quality of stitching, it has perfect stitching that keeps the bag sealed and prevents leakage.

5. Prospo Punching Bag in India

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Punching bag workouts are great for strength training and are associated with a number of positive outcomes. The Prospo punching bag comes unfilled but the sturdy, durable material allows you to fill it with whatever you like. With 3 feet in length, this bag is made of heavy-duty material that can withstand heavier punches and will last long. It is properly stitched so that you don’t want to worry about tearing off during rigorous workouts. The pack comes with a durable stainless steel chain with 4 hooks, and a pair of Prospo punching gloves. This punching bag features a wear-resistant vinyl material surface that’s easy to clean with multilayer stitching that provides extra durability.

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6. KORE Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag

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The KORE Ultimate heavy punching bag is available in a range of options so that you can order the preferred size, and color. Also, it is available filled, or unfilled. This particular bag is filled and has a height of 4 feet. This best punching bag is made of high-quality PU material and the bag is double stitched so that it can withstand hard workouts. As this bag is filled with even layers of shredded textiles material, it is not too hard on your hands. It uses a premium quality polyester for the inner layer that is durable and helps to keep the inner material intact. The outer layer is water-resistant. If you want to buy the best punching bag in India, this Kore Ultimate has all the desirable features to include in your home gym.

7. Monika Sports Punch 5ft. Leather Boxing Bag

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At 5 feet, this punch bag from Monika is significantly longer than most of the typical punching bags available on the market. Because of its long length, it can accommodate anything hitting from low kicks to high punches. It comes unfilled, so it allows you to fill it with anything you prefer. This bag is made of durable leather material that can protect your hands from abrasion. The bag is duly stitched and comes with stainless steel chains with d-shackles fitted on the bag. As it has more length, it is versatile and has wide usage.  A perfect option for training for boxing, martial arts, and achieving your fitness goals, making it one of the best punching bags in India. If you want to buy a punching bag that’s good for practicing punches and kicks, you can go for this bag.

Types Of Punching Bags

1. Standard hanging heavy bags

These are the most popular punching bags and they can be found in most gyms. They are cylindrical in shape and the right choice for strength training. As they can effectively resist your strikes, you can use these kinds of bags for a wide range of punches, kicks, and knees. These bags are designed to hang on the ceiling using straps or chains. So for installing a heavy bag in your home gym, you should have a stable ceiling that can handle the weight of the bag. For proper resistance training, the bag should weigh half of your actual body weight. They are the best choice for practicing almost any martial arts.

2. Free-standing punching bags

These are the best alternatives to hanging heavy bags. There is a key difference between free-standing and hanging bags. Free-standing punching bags are installed on a heavy base filled with sand or water. They are suitable for users with all levels of experience and ideal for traditional boxing and the height level also allows kicking. One of the advantages of a free-standing bag is its mobility so that you can move around. Compared to standard hanging heavy punching bags, these are much more expensive.

3. Speed bags

These are small, air-filled bags designed to fit on sturdy stands. They are a great choice of speed training and can provide good aerobic exercise targeting arms, back, core, and legs. As they are built to move rapidly, they can increase your timing, and hand-eye coordination so they are used for speed training.

How to Choose The Best Punching Bag In India


When you look for buying a punching bag for your home workouts, it is important to determine which type of bag is suitable for you. There are different types of punching bags available in the market – heavy hanging bags, free-standing, and speed bags. In all of these types, hanging bags are more popular and are suitable for various hitting – punches, kicks, knees, and other boxing movements. In this guide, most of the featured models are of hanging bags as they are versatile and suitable for users with all skill levels.


As training with punching bags involves a lot of heavier punches and kicks, the material of the bag should be good to withstand rigorous hitting and be able to remain intact for long. When it comes to material, a punching bag that is crafted from leather is an ideal choice. They are strong enough to withstand heavy punches, making them durable to use.


It is also important to pay attention to the height of the bag. Depending on your training level, you will need punching bags of different lengths. If you’re a beginner, a 3-feet bag is enough. If you’re an intermediate user, it is wise to choose a 4 feet bag while you can go for 5 feet or longer if you’re an advanced user.

Filled or Unfilled

Some punching bags in India come available filled while some others come unfilled. You can use the filled punching bags straight out of the box. But, unfilled bags provide the flexibility to use whatever you like as the filling material. Generally, punching bags use fabric scraps, sand, synthetic fibers, and a combination of more than one material.


Which material is best for punching bags?

Punching bags use either leather or synthetic material, such as vinyl. Considering the durability and comfort, punching bags made of leather are best.

Are gloves necessary for punching bags?

Yes, you want to wear gloves and hand wraps while training with a punching bag. They provide solid protection from the risk of injuries on your hands.

How do you fill a punching bag?

When you buy an unfilled punching bag, you have to fill it yourself. You can fill your bag using sand, clothes, sawdust, or something you like.


A punching bag workout offers so many benefits such as it improves strength, builds endurance, improves coordination, and helps you to reduce stress. We believe that you’ve found your best punching bag in India.

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