Best Office Chair Under 10000 in India

Now, most of us are working from home. As we spend a large portion of the day sitting at a desk, it is a good idea to invest in a comfortable office chair. A good office chair is comfortable and supportive and will help you do your job well without affecting your health adversely. When it comes to an office chair, everyone is different. Some people may prefer an office chair with adjustable arms while some others prioritize high-end models that look striking in their work space. When you look for office chairs, there are plenty of choices with different price tags. This article will help you find the best office chair under 10000 in India.

Office chairs play a crucial role in any office, whether it is a traditional or home office. Apart from visual appeal, a good office chair has numerous benefits. The right office chair will comfort your body and also help you maintain a good posture. Also, a lot of ergonomic studies have proved that a comfortable chair can increase productivity. An uncomfortable chair will negatively impact your posture, leading to back pain. To ensure your well-being, here we selected the best office chair under 10000 rupees based on comfort, support, adjustability, design, and durability.

As we ourselves spend a lot of time seated writing great contents, we understand the value of a good office chair. Choosing an office chair has many personal factors and work space set up so choose the models that work well for your specific needs. Whatever the reason, a good office chair should make your workday more enjoyable, and leave you feeling refreshed. Keep reading to find the perfect office chairs under the budget of 10000 rupees.

Best Office Chair Under 10000 in India

1. INNOWIN Jazz High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair for Work from Home & Office

INNOWIN Jazz High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair
  • Premium build quality
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Heavy nylon adjustable arms
  • No back pain due to ergonomic design
  • Sweat-free breathable mesh back

With durable and breathable mesh material and an appealing aesthetic, the INNOWIN Jazz office chair is well known for its ergonomic design and long-lasting comfort. This ergonomic chair comes with heavy nylon adjustable arms which helps to avoid muscle pains in the shoulder and keep them in a proper position. It has pneumatic seat height adjustment so that you can properly adjust the seat height to reach the work surface. Having a shapely back, and headrest, it is comfortable to sit for long hours.

Having lumbar support in an office chair has many benefits. It can improve your posture by supporting the natural curvature of your spine, so there will be no back pain and discomfort even if you’re sitting for long hours. This office chair comes with 4-way adjustable lumbar support, which is designed to support your spine, neck, arms, and shoulders. With multi-lock smart synchro mechanism, you can use the tilt lock from 90 degrees to 135 degrees. This ergonomic office chair is quite sturdy and can support up to 120 kgs. If you’re looking for the most functional and comfortable office chair for your home office, the INNOWIN Jazz is the best office chair under 10000 in India.

2. SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
7,864 Reviews
SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Very comfortable even when sitting for long hours
  • 4-way adjustable lumbar support
  • Height and tilt adjustment feature
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Sturdy & durable

With the best visual design, the SAVYA HOME Beatle ergonomic office chair is supportive and comfortable and available at an affordable price. Its universal design makes it perfect for use anywhere, whether it is for home office, study, corporate office, or gaming. Built with premium quality materials, this chair has a mesh back that’s not only breathable but also easy to clean. Also, it has 2-dimensional armrests which allow them to be set in the preferred height and direction to achieve maximum comfort.

The 4-way adjustable lumbar support enables you to sit upright and provide better posture. Like the previous model in our guide, this chair also comes with an adjustable headrest. It can be adjusted up and down to support your neck in what position you sit in. The seat height is adjustable and it has one-touch tilt adjustment so with just the pull of a lever you can convert your chair into a rocking chair. The upright 90-degree tilt is perfect for long sessions, the 135-degree angle offers a comfortable laid back position. Fitted with a heavy-duty steel base, it can support up to 125 kg weight.

3. Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair

Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair
8,023 Reviews
Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair
  • Provides superior luxury and comfort
  • Features contoured, segmented ultra-plush padding
  • Integrated headrest
  • Padded armrests
  • Perfect for all-day desk work

Green Soul® Vienna premium leatherette office chair has a superior luxury design centered on ergonomics and comfort. With a thick and wide back, this office chair is ergonomically designed for the human spine which is great for your body, but most importantly, it curves with your body shape to provide ultimate comfort. The premium thread stitched pattern provides sophisticated details and a premium look. The armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted at all, but they come with soft padding which provides great comfort while typing or resting the arms on the chair.

This leatherette office chair features contoured, segmented ultra-plush padding that comfortably contours around your body for additional support to your lower back and thighs. With thick padding and upholstery, you will not feel back and neck pains even if you’re sitting for long hours. It has an integrated headrest and a maximum capacity of 110 kg. The adjustable tilt mechanism allows the chair and seat to tilt back together up to 135 degrees. With a luxury feel and ultimate comfort, this Green Soul Vienna is one of the best office chairs under 10000.

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4. FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair

FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair
2,806 Reviews
FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Reasonably affordable
  • High-quality cushion back & thick molded foam seat
  • Rocking mode for increased relaxation
  • Heavy-duty metal base & nylon wheels
  • Fixed armrests made of fiber material

If you still need a budget-friendly option, this FURNICOM CHAIRS™ Armo mid-back office chair is an ideal choice. This office chair has a simple design but it’s made from a sturdy material that will last long. Though it is basic in stature, it has enough features to keep you comfortable all day long. It has a height adjustment feature and has maximum weight support of up to 100 kg. With a 360º swivel, it is maneuverable and easy to reach different points of your desks without having to strain excessively.

One of the advantages of ergonomic chairs is the support that they offer for the lower back. This chair supports the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine, making your spine feel cradled and supported, and preventing you from slumping or slouching. If you need more support, you can adjust the backrest to a preferred level. Speaking of seating, it has high resilience and comfortable seat. The armrest is fixed and can’t be adjustable but they are suitable for most users.

5. Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back Office Chair

Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back Office Chair
1,828 Reviews
Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back Office Chair
  • Bonded leather lumbar support
  • Excellent quality backrest
  • Advanced tilt mechanism
  • Made with fine-quality materials
  • Ergonomic design

If you work for long hours every day, you need an office chair that can properly support your body and can keep you feeling refreshed instead of feeling exhausted. The Da URBAN® Miller office chair is an excellent medium back office chair that is an ideal choice for those who sit for long hours doing their office work. The chair offers excellent bonded leather lumbar support that makes you feel comfortable and helps to relax your back. The seat distributes your weight beautifully and the seat height can be adjusted to a comfortable level.

This ergonomic desk chair comes with extra flexibility that allows you to adjust your sitting position, adapts to your preference, and maximizes your comfort. Moreover, it comes with an advanced tilt mechanism to get all the luxury you deserve. It has tough and sturdy leatherette covering that provides a stylish and professional look. With smooth-rolling nylon casters and 360-degree swirl, it provides convenience during multitasking. This best office chair under 10000 comes with two color options to choose from.

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6. Green Soul® Jupiter Go Office Chair

Green Soul® Jupiter Go Office Chair
14,149 Reviews
Green Soul® Jupiter Go Office Chair
  • High back & features premium mesh backrest
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Backrest can be tilt up to 135°
  • High-density molded foam cushion seat
  • Provides sophisticated support for all-day comfort

A solid office chair should facilitate productivity and comfort and won’t make your back strain to maintain a good posture. The Green Soul® Jupiter Go chair is one of the best-selling office chairs that is available for below 10000 in India. In terms of functionality and looks, this chair can be comparable with other pricier models. This office chair has an S-shaped backrest that perfectly matches the spine line and provides excellent support. So when you sit in this chair, the backrest design enhances the natural S-curve of the lower back and helps to prevent spine deformities.

The Green Soul® Jupiter Go office chair is super adjustable so that you can adjust the back support, armrests, headrest, seat height, and tilt of the chair. Speaking of seating, it is spacious and comfortable and it is made of high-quality super thick foam to ensure a blissfully comfortable sitting experience. The breathable mesh back allows a greater amount of air to circulate whilst you’re sitting on the chair. This office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 125 kgs. With all the user-friendly features and comfort, the Green Soul® Jupiter Go is a versatile mesh back office chair under budget.

7. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair
  • Available in two different colors
  • Designed with a premium quality durable upholstery material
  • Built on a strong wooden frame
  • Ergonomically designed according to human spine
  • Attractive design

The ibeAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive office chair makes our list as a worthy option for the best office chair under 10000 as it is specially designed with a premium quality durable upholstery material. This office chair is ergonomically designed according to the human spine so it will provide ample support to your back. The seat cushion on this chair provides immense comfort and this chair is built on a strong wooden frame and has proper hand rest.

Having castor wheels in an office chair plays a significant part in office operations. This helps to move the chair and also swivel while sitting on them. This office chair is equipped with high-quality castor wheels with a strong metal base. It comes with a tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt the chair from 90 degrees to 105 degrees. This chair is available in two colors – black and brown.


When you look for the best office chair under 10000, there are several ergonomic features that are responsible for providing a comfortable sitting experience. Apart from the adjustability, lumbar support, adjustable armrests, recline, and tilt are some of the key things to consider while choosing the office chair.

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