Best AC Motor Treadmill in India

This guide is about the best AC motor treadmill in India. Having a treadmill at your home is the best way to work out and stay fit in the convenience of your home. Outdoor running is something special but you will never miss a run because of poor weather if you have an indoor treadmill. The motor is one of the most important components that propels you through your workout.

Also, the quality of the treadmill motor is important for long-term use. So you have to make sure the motor of the treadmill can provide solid performance to the level that your exercise requires. When it comes to motors, the treadmills come with two types of motors – AC motor and DC motor.

An AC motor treadmill is more powerful and can deliver higher performance than a DC motor treadmill. Most treadmills made for home use come with DC motors that are quieter and better suited for home use. The best AC motor treadmills are highly durable and will be less likely to overheat and seize up under the strain of use.

Without the right amount of power, a treadmill can not deliver the speed and performance you want. An AC motor treadmill can deliver the required continuous power to tread and sprint as much as you want. In this guide, we’ve listed the best AC motor treadmill in India.

Best AC Motor Treadmills in India

1. Durafit Champion 5 HP Peak AC Motorized Treadmill with Auto Incline

Durafit Champion AC Motorized Treadmill
919 Reviews
Durafit Champion AC Motorized Treadmill
  • 20 km/h max speed.
  • 2.5 HP continuous duty AC motor; 5.0 HP Peak
  • 150 KG user weight support.
  • Features: 48 pre-set workout programs, 22-level auto incline, wide LCD display, MP3 player with loudspeakers.

The Durafit Champion is a robust treadmill that comes with 48 pre-set programs and offers 22 different incline levels that make this machine suitable for HIIT users, sprinters, marathon trainers, and regular users, for active everyday usage. With a speed range of 1-20 kmph, this treadmill can support 150 kg user weight. This best AC motor treadmill comes with a powerful 2.5 HP continuous duty AC motor with 5 HP peak output.

The running belt of this treadmill measures 56X21 inches which is wider than the standard belt size. It comes with a more spacious running surface than other best AC motor treadmills reviewed here. This spacious running surface makes this machine perfect for big and tall users with long strides.

This treadmill comes with an inbuilt suspension system for additional shock absorption and provides an ultimately comfortable experience to users. The multi-layered running belt with special friction coating gives the user comfort and safety. The sturdy steel frame and durable motor let the treadmill handle intense workout regimes with ease.

It comes with a Vertical Hydraulic Folding System that helps the user easily move and store the machine. This machine comes with an MP3 player with loudspeakers that let the user listen to music during a workout. For warranty, Durafit provides 1-year doorstep warranty on parts, 3 years door-step warranty on motor & 5 years of frame warranty. If you look for the best AC motor treadmill for home use in India, this is the perfect option for you.

2. Sparnod Fitness STC-4250 AC Motor Semi-Commercial Treadmill

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The Sparnod Fitness STC-4250 treadmill comes with a 2 HP (continuous) motor and comes with a host of awesome features. With a running surface of 48X16.5 inches, this treadmill can support 110 kg of maximum user weight. The performance level is great, thanks to the powerful yet quiet motor. Considering the price it is not that expensive, it is available at a reasonable price.

This treadmill comes with 12 preset programs. Exercises like walking, running, and jogging have tremendous health benefits and the incline feature will help you amp up the walking workout significantly. This treadmill comes with 3-level incline to simulate walking / running uphill and burn more calories.

This treadmill has a 5-inch LCD display to easily track distance, speed, time and calories burned. While control monitors have everything you may need, it is easy to use and not overwhelming and sluggish. The handrail has pulse sensors. Speaking of features, it comes with two cup holders, an iPad holder, and a speed control key.

It comes with 8 spring shock absorption to cushion the impact on your knees, hips, and back to reduce the running impact. The hydraulic folding design makes the treadmill easy to lift up and lay down. Moreover, it is equipped with transport wheels for easy transportation. This AC motor treadmill comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 3-year motor warranty.

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3. PowerMax Fitness TAC-510 4.5 HP (6HP Peak) AC Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TAC-510 AC Motorized Treadmill
  • 4.5HP AC motor.
  • Max User Weight: 150KG
  • Speed: 1.0 – 20km/hr
  • Features: 15% auto incline, 7.1″ Blue LCD Display, wide running surface, heart rate sensor, bottler holder.

PowerMax Fitness is a popular fitness equipment manufacturing company. They offer a range of treadmill models with different features to suit everyone’s requirements. This PowerMax Fitness TAC-510 is a performance-oriented heavy-duty treadmill that can support 150KG of user weight. This feature-packed treadmill comes with 15-level auto incline for intensive workouts.

Boasting a big 55.1 x 20.4 inch tread surface and belt speeds up to 20 km/hr, it can easily handle everything from walking to serious indoor training. As this treadmill has a wide running surface, you don’t want to restrict stride length. This motor comes with a 4.5 HP (continuous) AC motor. Continuous power is more important as this can deliver higher performance and will last longer.

The console features a 7.1-inch blue LCD display to show you pulse, time, speed, distance, incline, and calories you burnt. The console also features quality Hi-Fi speakers, iPad holder, and bottle holders to help you stay hydrated. This treadmill comes with 12 pre-set programs and 3 target-based modes for an efficient workout.

This AC motor treadmill comes with a hydraulic soft drop system feature for easier folding and unfolding. Maintenance is important to keep the machine up and running. It comes with a semi-auto lubrication system for easy maintenance. Also, it has wheels for easy transportation of the machine. If you’re looking for the best AC motor treadmill in India with higher CHP and budget isn’t a problem then this can be a better choice.

4. Durafit Solid 2 HP (Peak 4 HP) AC Motor Semi-Commercial Treadmill

Durafit Solid AC Motor Treadmill
3,326 Reviews
Durafit Solid AC Motor Treadmill
  • 16 km/hr max speed.
  • 120 KG max user weight.
  • 2.0 HP continuous duty, 4 HP peak AC motor.
  • Features: 24 preset programs, wide running surface, heart rate sensor, heavy-duty construction, portable wheels.

Durafit Solid is a moderately priced option that has impressive quality and features. It is suitable for folks of all fitness levels as it has 48 preset programs with HIIT training programs and Target & Chase modes for a better workout experience. This treadmill comes with a speed range of 1.0-16 km/hr and supports 120 k user weight.

The running surface is wide that allows for easy strides with less chance of snagging the edge. The tread deck is 1.8 mm thick and it features Dura-Spring technology & Gel Cushion for additional shock-absorption that does a fine job of absorbing impact. To make walking a more challenging cardio workout, this Durafit Solid comes with 16 levels of auto incline.

For easy control, it comes with handrail controls. The handrails also feature pulse-rate sensors to provide accurate information. The well-placed speed and incline controls on the handrails are easy to adjust even while running. The console has a wide LCD display to show the time, speed, distance, calories, pulse rate, and BMI.

Other features include an MP3 player with loudspeaker, cup holder, and safety key. The installation is easy as it comes with 95% preinstalled. In terms of warranty, it is armed by 5 years of frame warranty, and 3 years door-step warranty on the motor.

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5. LET’S PLAY® LP-100 3HP AC Motor (Peak 6 HP) Auto Inclination Semi Commercial Treadmill

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The LET’S PLAY LP-100 AC motor foldable treadmill is a compelling option for those who prioritize storability and don’t want to sacrifice too much space. This treadmill comes with 3 HP AC Motor (6 HP Peak) with a speed range of 0.8 to 16 Km/Hr. The heavy-duty build and amazing quality make this treadmill one of the best AC motor treadmills in India.

With excellent heavy-duty chassis and treadmill motors, this treadmill can bear up to 150kgs of user weight. The incline feature is a great way to boost your treadmill workouts. This AC motor treadmill has 15% of auto incline that provides many benefits whether you exercise to lose weight or build leg strength.

The LCD display shows all the basics like time, calories, distance and speed, elevation change and heart rate. It also has Hi-Fi music speakers so you can listen to music while you exercise. The console also has two water bottle holders to enhance your workout session. For warranty, it comes with 3 years frame warranty and one-year motor warranty.


Certainly, treadmills are the best way to lose weight and stay fit without leaving the house. AC motor treadmills are known for providing better performance. They can deliver high performance than their DC motor counterparts. Price and performance often go hand in hand, so the best AC motor treadmills are more expensive than treadmills with DC motors. We took into account several key performance attributes to compare the treadmills. We believe this guide has helped you to choose the right model.

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